want to turn your nutrition side-hustle into a
successful business?



I have a passion for bringing like-mind entrepreneurs together to take the planning, designing, launching + growing component to starting your own nutrition private practice off of your shoulders & empower YOU to run a successful business in your local area AND online so that you can focus more time on what matters most - your clients + business success!

At Roots Reboot, we are bringing an elite group of Registered Dietitian entrepreneurs together to create a community of nutrition professionals, foster stronger relationships with clients, and help you grow your individual practice into a profitable, effective businesses. 
Join our team of Registered Dietitians and become a Roots Reboot Provider!

What is included in the membership?


1. plan

Craft YOUR business with the step by step Business Reboot Playbook and one-on-one personal business coaching from Taylor every step of the way.

One-on-one business coaching + 8 weekly business playbook modules to transform your nutrition passion into a successful, profitable business within Roots Reboot.

Business Reboot Playbook:   

  • Module 1: YOUR Reboot

  • Module 2: Narrowing Your Nutrition NICHE

  • Module 3: Determining Your Homerun OFFERS

  • Module 3: Reboot the way you WORK

  • Module 4: BUSINESS Reboot

  • Module 5: TEAM Reboot

  • Module 6: Your LAUNCH strategy

  • Module 7: MARKETING + SALES Reboot

  • Module 8: GROW + SCALE your business


2. design

Establish your niche + service offerings from idea to market in as little as 8 weeks.

  • Personal Roots Reboot email address

  • Tele-nutrition provider account:

    • HIPAA compliant video consultations + direct messaging with clients

    • FitBIt fitness + iHealth medical device integration

    • Easy appointment scheduling + payment processing

    • Mobile app food photo diary for clients

    • 24/7 support from IT team

  • Professional photoshoots done for RR website + marketing

  • Custom designed/branded educational handouts + marketing materials

  • Access to our team's unique client consulting materials catalog

  • Access to our team's webinar slide decks + presentation catalog

  • Professional food photography catalog (500+ images)

  • Roots Reboot unique meal plans, strategies, + recipe catalog

  • Your own speciality niche webpages designed and integrated right into the RR website:


3. Launch

Launch your services with Roots Reboot streamlined processes + strategies that work in your local area or online.

  • 250 personalized RR business cards delivered to your door to get you started!

  • Obtain the RR step by step marketing, sales, and launch strategies that are right for YOU and your business offers

  • Utilize the 11.1K+ RR social media audiences to promote + launch YOUR specialty niche & offerings online

  • Utilize RR's email list for service promotions, events and personal highlights

  • Obtain Roots Reboot sales scripts, email templates, and follow up strategies that drive sales

  • Access to our team's webinar platform and "plug + play" strategic webinar slide decks, landing, + registration pages to promote and sell your homerun offers

  • Streamlined client signup process

  • Payment processes and billing done for you & get paid via direct deposit bi-weekly

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Be a part of a professional community, increase your knowledge, exposure + grow your business with Roots Reboot online + in your local area!

  • Work from the convenience of your home with flexible work schedule + hours - whether it be 100% online or 50/50 online and in-person, you customize your schedule + your service offerings to best fit your strengths + working style!

  • Improved consulting content, strategies, & structure with a tele-nutrition platform and an RD collaborative team approach

  • Opportunity to guest blog and social media post for additional credibility building + exposure to 11.1K audience

  • Opportunity to grow your practice outside of local clients

  • Opportunity for client referrals from other RR providers to give you the "best fit" clientele as well as receive commission referring out clients to a "better fit" RR Dietitian to meet that clients specific nutrition goals

  • Utilize RR's brand partnerships + affiliation discounts to your private practice and clients

  • Have support, accountability and feedback from a team of like-minded entrepreneurial dietitians and personal business coach every step of the way.

  • Monthly team meetings discussing process improvements, client case studies, inspirational stories, useful resources, journal clubs, etc.

  • Attend team networking and bonding retreats!


We are living in a worldwide entrepreneurial renaissance, seeing more and more dietitians going into individual private practice. In a culture that often seems very isolating and highly competitive, Roots Reboot is establishing a collaborative, tele-nutrition business built on the feedback, encouragement, and support for other Dietitian's success. The mission for the Roots Reboot Provider Membership is to help entrepreneur Dietitians transform their nutrition passion into a successful, profitable business by encouraging and promoting each other along their journey of personal and professional growth. We are passionate about planing, designing, launching, and growing like minded Dietitians speciality private practices within RR so that they can focus more time on what matters most - their clients and business success.


As a Registered Dietitian, you’re an enthusiastic, self-starter with a clear passion and vision for your own nutrition specialty area. You manage your client load efficiently, have impeccable communication skills, both verbally and written, and are strategic and proactive with a strong initiative. You care deeply about changing people’s lives and thrive in a startup environment – with the ability to anticipate need and adapt to situations as they arise. 

Roots Reboot Provider Membership is a great opportunity if you are an entrepreneurial dietitian, eager to start or grow your own private practice with the foundation of an already established, supportive brand and collaborative Dietitian team behind you every step of the way.


Roots Reboot isn’t just another health site or food blog — we are a nationwide, accessible tele-nutrition platform providing credible nutrition answers from a network of an elite community of Dietitians.

The Roots Reboot provider membership is a contracted position with a monthly membership fee paid to RR. As a member of this tele-medicine consulting business, you will receive all of the business training, skills, tools and services to provide effective consulting, nationwide, at the convenience of your own home.

Each Registered Dietitian Nutritionist is a crucial member of the team and success of this company. Your mission is to support the provider team for establishing effective counseling systems through feedback improvement and support the RR community through the highest quality nutrition coaching. 


  • Complete 8 module “Business Reboot” training and on-boarding period before rendering your specialty service(s) of choice

  • Collaboratively establish a framework to recruit, develop and retain clients

  • Work cross-functionally to grow client community through promotional events, word-of-mouth marketing and through the Roots Reboot platform

  • Collaborate with the team to define clear strategies for service offerings, support marketing and programming

  • Attend, participate and/or present in Roots Reboot team meetings (monthly), journal clubs (bi-monthly), and case studies (quarterly)

  • Manage relationships with key partners to retain clientele

  • Partake in webinars, workshops, events, and cooking demonstrations

  • Generate monthly reports to analyze sales goals, productivity, marketing and referral efforts


  • 1+ years of RD experience, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist certification, current credentials, and license to practice

  • Have a computer and professional space to provide virtual consulting services to clients

  • Proficient in, but not limited to Google Suite, Microsoft Office, Excel, and a CRM

  • Established competency in coaching and the ability to quickly deliver scientific information to facilitate change

  • Results driven - from individual clients and group coaching, to growing your own successful specialty private practice within RR

  • Team player who can work cross functionally and support/assist other team members in their success

  • Appreciation and understanding of the Roots Reboot brand

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Please email taylor@rootsreboot.com

Subject: RR Membership RDN + your name.

Include your resume and cover letter sharing why you are the best fit for this role + our team.

Due to the high volume of applications, you will only be contacted if you’re chosen for an interview.

RR is focused on hiring people who are committed long-term to making our provider-based company special and ahead of its time.